Strategy Collaboration

Everything we do is geared towards helping our clients to achieve an increase in profitability and cash flow. Our approach is collaborative, we work with and transfer skills to our client. We work towards specific objectives with clearly established outcomes, contributing to the business goals of our client.

Strategy Collaboration

Here we specifically refer to strategy collaboration as opposed to strategy facilitation. With strategy collaboration, we not only bring additional skills, resources and experience to assist with creating the strategy, but also help the client with the implementation thereof. Strategic alliance partners are often included in this process.Strategy collaboration has 3 stages:

  • Stage1: Preparation and fact finding. The business and business environment are analysed to identify trends, needs, threats and opportunities so that the correct strategic decisions are taken.
  • Stage 2: Strategy formulation, the identification of goals and the prioritisation thereof.
  • Stage 3: Implementation of the agreed goals. Monitoring the impact of the changes, reviewing and revising.

The benefits of our approach are:

  • we complement the client’s skills by bringing a different set of skills and experiences
  • since we are independent, we can ask the hard questions and provide objective advice
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