Business Improvement

Everything we do is geared towards helping our clients to achieve an increase in profitability and cash flow. Our approach is collaborative, we work with and transfer skills to our client. We work towards specific objectives with clearly established outcomes, contributing to the business goals of our client.


With a view to improving the clients business we focus on achieving one or more of the following objectives:

  • increase revenue
  • improve productivity
  • reduce costs
  • increase asset utilisation


  • identify which products and clients are profitable and which are not
  • improve sales focus by focusing on the most profitable products and clients
  • implement a strategy for the unprofitable products and clients
  • determine the needs and preferences of clients
  • establish how well these needs and preferences are being met and how this performance compares with competitors
  • identify new markets and uses for existing products
  • calculate the actual cost of manufacturing/ supplying individual products thereby ensuring product profitability
  • improve the efficiency and flow of the business processes
  • establish performance standards and measures
  • determine and align business and process objectives
  • reduce cycle times
  • increase quality and reduce re-work
  • optimise the purchasing and stock functions


The above outcomes are achieved through a combination of:

  • financial analysis
  • interviews with management, staff and clients
  • focus groups
  • observation of current procedures and processes
  • mapping current business processes
  • analysis, critiquing and improvement of current business processes and reporting systems
  • identification and implementation of performance standards and measures
  • development of effective management tools
  • systematic, structured approach ensuring buy-in and sustainability


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