How we Work

We work with you, our client, to reach conceptual agreement on:

  • the objectives you wish to achieve
  • the measures of progress and success, and
  • the value to or impact on the business

A written proposal is provided setting out alternative approaches to achieving the agreed objectives as well as estimated costs, start and end dates.

Once the proposal is accepted work on the project commences.

A project may be divided into smaller projects which are implemented in conjunction with the client. This approach has the following benefits:

  • changes and improvements are seen relatively quickly
  • by working with the client, skills and knowledge are transferred
  • allows for budget flexibility

Often consultants leave clients with a substantial and somewhat daunting document of proposed solutions. Without anyone to refer to or to help with implementation, the task is perceived to be insurmountable and more often than not, nothing is done. The net result is a zero return on the investment in these services.

At Integer Consulting Solutions our approach is different. Together, we agree the goals, priorities and actions needed to successfully achieve the agreed objectives. We then help with implementation thus ensuring a return on the client’s investment.

Download the Integer Consulting Solutions brochure here (PDF 3.04Mb)



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